Can I Be Honest?

Can I be honest for a moment? Transparent?

I am perhaps one of the most private people you could ever encounter. It is a sheer act of God that I write. That I bear my soul with my pen, that I use the internet or profusely post on social media pages. Left to my own, I’d write for me alone (like I used to do)—just me and my journal keeping everything I write to myself with bits of it spilling out in personal notes I like to mail to friends when I’m thinking of them. I wouldn’t even have social media pages. I don’t share my problems and leak them out as some do. I keep it to myself. I am a stealthy sufferer. I focus on others. I smile a little wider.

Can I be honest about something else?

It is because of God I am able to open up and share. Encourage. Reach out to people and do my best to administer love, care and comfort.    I love to be supplemental strength. Growing up I was always enormously shy and quiet. Growing up it was almost on repeat I’d get to know someone over time and they’d share that they used to think I was snob, but they realized I wasn’t a snob at all  just very quiet. I’m not so quiet anymore, well, yes I am, just not as quiet as I used to be. I am friendly. I love people. I have a unique ability to see the amazing in others and I grab hold of it and Shine it. It’s all because of God. My entire life I can feel His Presence. I just knew I believed in Him because I could sense Him with me, guiding me, directing me. I couldn’t explain it, but just knew it. I experienced him.  There were things I just knew from the pit of my soul. No explanation for it, just an experiential knowing.

When I was a kid my parents started going to church so that means I did, too. Neither of them grew up knowing anything about God or church. There’s a rather good story there. But can I be honest, again? My whole life I didn’t particularly like church. Ever. I was never excited to go. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my church now (such an eclectic bunch from all walks of life, I adore that). I love the people. I love helping people and I love pouring love into them. I can feel the pain, sorrow, loneliness of others. It’s a gift I know. But overall, I’m don’t consider myself a “churchy” person—even though I go, faithful. I am a God person. I am so loyal to the one who reveals Himself to me more and more. So I go to church because I know he wants me to. He wants me to go and he wants me to go where I go.

God places people in neighborhoods, jobs, relationships, and even churches. Community. I yield wherever He leads.

Maybe you a little bit can relate to me? Maybe your quiet and private? Maybe you have things locked up inside your heart and soul that have no door to be explored? Well, there is a door, but you haven’t discovered it yet? I understand, my friend, I understand. I’m here to help you find it.

Getting to know God isn't just about following rules, "being good" or going to church. It's so much more. (If that were all it was I definitely would NOT be interested). God is an Adventure Seeker and Seeking him can be an Adventure. As you learn more about him, learn to discern his direction and guidance, he can lead you to a destination or journey you never would have imagined or dreamed. Take this high honor to treasure hunt His Glory. He has hidden treasures for you. He has beautiful and organic relationships to bloom for you. He has glorious friendships that can begin built with time. He has love that will last a lifetime and beyond, for he is eternal. With weighty measure, he has portioned out a peace that cannot be created, only received.

Take it from me... You’ve been wired by hand for beauty. Like a wild orchid, go ahead and bloom. For you possess a bloom that stands tall, stands out, with strong stem you are showy and bold and the luster of your shine will last a lifetime~ and beyond.

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." ~Proverbs 25:2