Under the right conditions the heart can become a raging inferno~enflamed with Love, Hope, Passion.

Under the right conditions the human heart can overflow will all kinds of goodness.

Under the right conditions moisture can return and strength to the stem and to the bloom of a heart that has been withered, wilted and dry.

Under the right conditions people can thrive.

Under the right conditions people gain courage to try things they’ve never tried before because they know they are loved and adored.

What conditions in your life need to change for you to experience a truly abundant life?

The heart has doors to be opened and explored. Life has a way of tucking us in—deep within ourselves, we reside on a shelf leaving the best of ourselves undiscovered. Don’t let the cares of life and this world interfere with your hope...

Be blessed today~
Ransacked by extravagant love.

Become saturated in adoration.

Marvel with fascination this gift, this love.
Let it fill you to overflow like nothing you have ever known before.

Under the right conditions we can all become an Ambassador of Hope. After all, the Hopeful One has placed hope in you.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1.