New Atmospheres~

Eagles are incredible.

I was once again reminded of a beautiful gift I received many years ago—to watch from just above an eagle leave her nest and cascade her wings across a New England valley. I had to be less than 20 yards from her on the side of a mountain trial. It was picturesque to watch her glide over the valley as the breeze caught her wings and carried her. I knew in that moment, to be able to watch an eagle that close and from above, not beneath, was a once in a lifetime moment. It caught my breath, she caught my breath. . . And rightly so.  Nature is spectacular.


The eagle is a regal creature. Everything about an eagle exudes strength, beauty and poise. The eagle stands out, it’s not like other birds. The eagle soars, it doesn’t flap. The eagle glides and the breeze catches him. The eagle soars high with wing tips up in the sky. The eagle will sun itself when it is feeling ill. The eagle has two sets of eyes. The eagle does not compromise-he knows who he is and embraces the power and boldness. He has patience; patience as a fisherman, patience to catch the wind. He is faithful.

Set Apart

So many analogies to liken man to an eagle. You’ve been gifted by heaven two sets of eyes. Those you see with from your head, and those you see with from your heart and soul. You possess the ability to navigate and wait for the right opportunities and when you see them, you recognize them and captivate them with the spread of your hand. Your work is rewarded, you are faithful and true to all that is down deep you long to do. God is with you pouring out favor, sending the breeze, sending ideas and sending the right people.

Posture your heart, mind and soul. You are regal. You are splendid. You are gorgeous. You’ve got something special and others see it, too. You stand out in a crowd. You are not boastful or proud—
You know you don’t need to be.
Who you are speaks everything,
No words required.
Remain faithful to all that is in your heart. You will accomplish great things. God is working quietly behind the scenes helping you along.

A prayer of blessing and thanks~
(May it kiss your spirit like a gentle breeze.)

New Wings~

The Touch of your hand makes me glow.
The Touch of your hand makes me whole.

You, alone, satisfy the soul.

You are not a far off or dusty wasteland.
You drench me is Goodness.
You quiet my soul.
I am never left forlorn when I know your will and way is to walk beside me, O, Ancient of Days.

You satisfy me.

“But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31