When Love Walks In . . .

There is the world we see and then there is the spirit world we don’t. We are spirits with bodies. Who we truly are resides in the soul. And everything about us exudes from there. Who we are on the inside is what makes us beautiful. What we are on the outside is what can be seen immediately. It’s important to care for our bodies and present well because first impressions matter whether we want them to or not. But getting to know a person is when we find out who they really are. Some people know each other for years and barely know each other, while others seem to know each other only a few days or weeks, but it seems to be compressed and built with time right in. Instant friends. God is the doer of it all.

Spirit draws to spirit.

There is a Sovereign Spirit who draws all of mankind to himself. He is powerful and intimate and loving and kind. He brings peace. He brings love...and He enjoys to lavish humanity with goodness and power. He is also a master networker. He orders our steps and connects us one to another. I don’t believe in coincidence. Every encounter, every relationship, every experience contains value. Some are only teachable moments. Some come in and freely impact us right from the beginning. Some move us by the heart, mind and soul. Some inspire and help our heart shine to glow. Then there are those who have been hand selected by heaven to be a special gift. You know them sometimes almost immediately. They walk into the room and life suddenly changes—for the better.

A friend is a friend who loves without measure.

God has designed friendships for you. So I speak a special blessing on your courage today. I pray every encounter will add some sort of value to your life that is more than surface deep. I pray you dream beautiful dreams when you sleep. I pray your meals nourish you physically and your spirit is fed just as well. I want your soul to thirst no more because it has found what it was looking for. Do not hide your face anymore.

Speak to the things that are not that should be.

Speak to your destiny. There is a dark side to the spirit world that seeks to oppose and oppress and make a mess out of every good and perfect gift. Do not lean into the lie that you must shrink in size. You have been made large for a reason. You’ve been given shoulders that can handle every inch. You are wanted, needed, valued right now. God has friends who will behave as supplemental strength to your heart, mind and soul.

So go ahead, open the door. Step out onto the path that heaven has carved. Dream bigger—blessings my friend, you’re going to go far. Shoot like a star! I think you’ll be glad you did.