Tender Shoots➖ Glorious Roots

Heaven Made~

I have been given an invitation to write.

The writing comes from somewhere deep inside of me.
I am like an evergreen tree.
I do not wither or wilt.
Despite storms of life or scorching heat--
The moisture still comes to me,
Keeping my leaves green, my bark tough, thick, resilient, yet ever soft to the touch because of the water I drink.

Living Water is what touches my frame.
My roots are like shoots that tangle and thread beneath the ground that I tread.
Fingers in the garden searching for more, they burrow beneath the soil where I have found pure gold.

Be careful with your life.
It is your most precious commodity-
And it is precious indeed.

The water of heaven cascades down creating flowers on the ground.
And the earth remains STILL.
Drink Deep.
Water yourself.
Nurture your soul, your mind, your flesh.

There is a Glorious song about you-
I've heard it sung in Heavens Rooms.
The Father of Life would like to see you watered, too.

You are an evergreen with tender shoots.
Press your fingers down.
Penetrate the ground.
There is moisture in their caverns.
Heaven came down to create in you a Glorious Bloom.
Make room...
Make time...
This is a Beautiful Life.


I spend time in the garden. As I am there I frequently have tea. Then I drink deeply from the wells of a Living King. I carve out and designate time in the afternoon to visit him.

I am thirsty. So I drink.
He is Gentle. So I respond.
I worship, then I listen, then I experience...

And then I write.

I am a Tender Garden.
I hold a pen and I've been invited to write.💜