The Traveler

The Traveler

She was wounded, but she was a Warrior.
She travailed, but she knew her worth.
She knew her Inheritance, she received notice of it years before.
The Book of Records had transcribed His Love on her heart.
The chord had been tied—
Their hearts were tied; delicately stringed together with a throng of Gold. Anchored  Fully.
This was no ordinary connection.
For her, no connection was ordinary—she had a deep and genuine love for humanity. She was one who loved affectionately. But this connection, it wasn’t like any she had known before.
Friends came and friends went. Some removed by time and others could not withstand the pull of the tide.
In her early life it had always been easy to look away, easy to walk away. It was always safer that way. A heart so guarded it resembled Fort Knox.

Because of the peculiar nature of this connection she could discern fear attempt to creep its way in. She felt fear, but she also felt hope. She would wait and see.
She prayed faithfully —even when her words failed. Even when her prayers severely paled in comparison to her hearts cry.

He was there.
His breath lingered in her hair and she knew...
It was the aroma of heaven.
She’d been given something special.

And so it became known to her and had grown in her causing her womb to swell. She’s been barren so long. Not her flesh, but her soul, her heart, her life. Sacred Romance had been given flight.

The Lord of Heaven sent this love to earth. Perhaps her story is somewhat like your story? Hold it. Find freedom in it. Be free in it.

There is a New Jerusalem for you.
Travel to it—-Sometimes the trips that cost you the most reside within our own heart and they become a trip of discovery a place so special and it will be worth it. You are worth it. Wise men still seek Him.

When I elevate my heart to my king and speak words to Him that only my heart can create~these are the things I begin to say, I begin to write. I am free when we are together. My Sacred Romance, my Savior, Forever.