You Can So You Will!

“She has done what she could...”

Difference Makers do things “differently”.

I have always been compelled and drawn to the unique. People and things, experiences, that are not the norm or status quo experience. I guess maybe because I have always felt a little different. I rather enjoy it, actually.

I am forever grateful for the family I grew up in. A strong family foundation has enormous merit in how a person ultimately turns out. This doesn’t mean one without a strong family can’t turn out stellar. Of course not. If you know anything of me you know that’s not my mindset. However, so many obstacles and hurdles of the mind and life can be avoided with a strong foundation. So I am grateful. My Mom used to speak wisdom into my soul as a teenage girl as we stood over the stove cooking meals together. I’d share whatever was going on in my life and she’d share a story or experience or something she read that would apply to my situation and it would electrify my own ability to reason and cognitively sort the whole thing out for myself. She never thumped a Bible over my head or scolded me or judged me. She just loved me, accepted me and guided me. I like that and as an adult I am ever more aware of what a gift that was. Even though I find tremendous beauty in scriptures. It’s a book of love and poetry. I love the chemistry that can be sorted and tangled with words. But I am also aware that the world doesn’t need or crave people who “Bible Thump”.

The people of this world truly crave a genuine Heart Lover.

I know that’s what speaks to me. Heaven didn’t win me with rules and protocol. It won me with love. And it was a peculiar kind of love that was so unique and “different”. I was compelled.

I have an eye to spy out people by their souls.  I have a particular fondness for people who I see pouring themselves out for others. The encouragers of word, heart, kindness and deeds stir me. Because they don’t have to do what they do—but they do it anyway because that’s who they are. . .

Noble. Honorable. Lovely.

These are the souls I adore and want to encourage best. Why? Because most people may love them, but rarely do these types of individuals get the love in return that they pour out on everyone around them. I want to be a drink of water to hydrate their need so they can keep doing what they already do so wonderfully. I refresh. Or at least I aim to. I do my best and then trust heaven to guide the rest.

Have I refreshed you at all? I surely hope so...nothing would delight me more.

Here’s what I know—

If you are going to succeed at anything there are two important things you will need:

1) passion

2) purpose

too little of either and you self-sabotage how far you will go.  I want to water you like a garden so you will have all you need to fulfill your destiny.

GO FAR!        

You are a Difference Maker—
That’s really all there is to it.
Nobody else walks or talks or thinks exactly like you. So embrace your uniqueness. You have a fluidity and groove all your own. How marvelous.

Shine brilliantly today knowing you’ve done all you can. Light and life—May the oil you bring be a pleasing aroma. Astounding...

May heaven find your offering arousing. A beautiful soul is all God needs to be roused from his throne. What is this beauty? It is not found in perfection, but in an earnest Heart. And that, my friends, should spark some joy!