Big, Bright and Beautiful

Dream for bigger.

Believe for bigger.

Know that God made you for bigger.

Nobody else’s blessing is greater than yours. Why? Because it’s yours. That alone makes it special.

It's my prayer that you might realize your dreams and I might share the joy of invigorating your tenacity to step out and employ every opportunity to live your best life. If you do it right, you will be blessing and helping others along the way. Sometimes the best way to helping others is to understand that your story and your life truly is not yours, but the Lords. And your story is a gift to the rest of us. As my story may be a gift to someone too.

Here’s what I know...we must earn a living. All of us, well most of us, we earn wages to sustain our lifestyle, to provide for the ones we love, to create income.

Though we must earn a living, we must create a life.

Life is a beautiful gift-but what we do with it creates, if we are willing and purposeful, a glorious life that shines and takes the gift to another level. The best gifts are the ones you can share. This is the story that becomes our duty to share.

Our life, our love, our story is meant to inspire and captivate a level of love in others that will only raise them higher.

Your dreams are worth it just like YOU!

Living some dreams right now. I wanted to take a few moments and talk about a little excursion I’m taking with Coach (my husband). I’m currently on a trip to Israel. We flew out of San Francisco last night, traveled all night and am currently laying over in London.

Last summer I wouldn’t have known I was going to go to Israel right now. It’s a place I’ve always known I would one day visit. It felt like Providence. God foreknew and designed in the script of my life this day, this hour, this place, time and space and he even penned the people I get to do it with. I’ve always known this inside—I would go. But it wasn’t until the fall that I felt the Lord stir my soul and suggest with His Sovereign Authority, “It’s time”. He orchestrated the entire trip.

So right now I’m on layover in London and thought I’d sit and write a bit. Nothing overly exciting yet—but I am so enjoying myself, my church family, the people.

We are just enjoying a talk with our server at dinner, Jabin, who is from Pokhara, Nepal. He is showing us pictures of his home city. It’s lovely. A beautiful lake and backs up to the Himalayan Mountains Scape. He was kind enough to share his photos with me so I could share the beauty.

Can you imagine having such a breathtaking nature view outside your windows every day? Marvelous!

People are lovely.

This world is a glorious Cup of Humanity and though we may not all look the same, believe the same or talk and live the same—we are still one, all of us.

Cheers! Have a gorgeous day wherever you lay your head. Dream big beautiful dreams and allow your heart to soar...Heaven twinkles down those stars as if to cause the night sky to smile at you.


Photo of me being a silly little traveler at Harrod's in Heathrow Airport.