“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.“ Hebrews 11:1

A deep love for God is received by His Grace, but as we show our love back to Him we follow Him where ever He leads. If it be through treacherous terrains, sleet, storms, tornadoes, or a scorching dessert sun…this is the road less travelled that leads to His Treasures of Heart. It doesn’t matter how it “looks”, we merely “Go”.

Moses, with his back against the Red Sea was on the road less travelled and he was delivered Triumphantly.

David had to hide in a cave to preserve his name, but not a stitch on the hem of his gown was prevented from bringing him a crown.

Esther presented herself before a King, knowing full well she may surely perish…but she didn’t.

And God Himself wrapped up in Love for you that ran so deep, He crawled through a Cross to be near to you. But his soul the grave couldn’t keep.

That’s the kind of thing True Love will do.


Not everything we walk through or God asks us to do will make sense to us. But God came to inspire our faith. He has countless ways to instill hope, plant a seed, cultivate some sort of harmony in our heart that creates a Divine Chemistry of Heaven. The Holy Spirit is like a suitor in pursuit of all He seems Destiny Worthy for you. When He plants a seed, He will use a promise to water and nurture it. You never know when the seed will grow, but if  you keep it in your heart He will protect it with safely.

I wrote in a most previous post about how I had a mountain of childhood experiences that were in fact a drenching of my heart, mind and soul with Encounters with God. I’ve been Encountering Him ever since, but because I didn’t understand it as a kid, I promised myself that when I had children:

•I would begin teaching them young about the world you can see with your eyes and the unseen world.

•They would know the armor of God and how to wear it and wield it with the Authority of Heaven.

•They would be trained in stoic Faith and to not fear the mysterious realm, but to be aware of its presence and that our battle is never against flesh and blood, but of principalities and dark forces that bring an ominous presence.

Fear is always a by product  of something unknown or not understood. So make it known and it looses its power to intimidate. I think kids who battle fear the most are kids who maybe have this Seer Sense and are vulnerable to harassment of Darkness because they possess and spiritual discernment and awareness that is like an acutely high spiritual IQ.  It is a gift, but yet to be discovered how to use it.  Maybe not all children have this gift, but all children have a soft and pure heart which is of extraordinary capacity and power.

So what started as my own unknowns, and things I didn’t understand, God all along had the power at His command to use it and plant a seed for future things I would teach my children. He knew they would be alive in a generation that needed it. They would need to know the power they had was real and mighty to break strongholds and curses of witchcraft. Just yesterday an actor thanked Satan for his acting success and awards and accolades. This present darkness needs people equipped to pierce the darkness. Why not our kids?

This is just one example. So how about you. Take some time to meander through your life experiences and how did God use what was impossible to understand to mold His Divine Purpose and plan? Perhaps you’ve been in his will all along?


all aspects of the heart that will not only catapult you into your Sovereign Destiny, but you will bless, nourish and equip countless others besides you. So get out of your own head. Let God in. He’s been right beside you all along.