Love Stinks

Awwww....Valentine's Day.

This post is for all of you V-Day Lovers. I'm not anti-Valentines Day. I just prefer spontaneous acts of love rather than canned Hallmark Holidays. It's not that I'm not romantic. In fact--I am a romantic of the purest kind. That's probably why I am not impressed by Valentine's Day. It doesn't move me. But for all of you who do...

this one is for you...

When I was young and single this guy, MUCH OLDER guy was VERY interested in me (I like to tease him). We were friends, but that is all. He really wanted to impress me so he made me dinner.

He cooked....

He knew I wasn't much of a carnivore (at the time-I like meat now), not because I was vegetarian or vegan, I just had "texture issues".

So, he made me a nice dish of broccoli and pasta primavera. The only problem was he had never made it before and the recipe called for two cloves of fresh pressed garlic. John had never used garlic before...ever.

So he got the garlic and was pressing and pressing and pressing. Fresh garlic.

I like fresh pressed garlic.

However, as I sat to enjoy the meal this gent had so tediously prepared I noticed the strength and the power of pungent garlic. I worked through the bowl, but it was tough, so much garlic. As I neared the end I noticed piles of garlic at the bottom and garlic skins galore.

I knew how much effort he had put forth. I did not want to hurt his feelings. So I gently inquired...

"How much garlic did this recipe call for?" He began to explain, "Two".

I replied, "Two cloves?"

He said, "yes"

-then proceeded to confess he wasn't sure what a clove of garlic was and it seemed like a lot so he only used one.

If you have ever cooked with garlic you have figured out he used an entire HEAD of garlic not a clove. And the skins...pressed right in. The poor guy didn't know how to peel it either.

It's a sweet story that has been shared and shared and has even helped several young college students remember the difference between a head and a glove of garlic when cooking.

I REEKED of garlic for days.

Garlic is excellent for the immune system and so has medicinal healing properties...

So there you have it.

Love heals.😂

Almost 25 years and 5 children later...

Happy Valentine's Day💗