Pristine Kind of Clean

"She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said." Luke 10:39

Our first home was cute. It had a sunken living room and this really pretty cream colored carpet throughout. I loved it. Over time we began having children and we had a large dog who loved to lounge in the house. A large black dog (Rottweiler). As you can imagine the luster of that carpet began to dull. Kids can be pretty hard on things, especially little ones. John had purchased for me a special vacuum that also had attachments for carpet shampooing. I cleaned that carpet and tried to keep it nice-but over time the spots in the dining room wouldn't lift any longer. I'm a bit of a clean freak by nature so this really bothered me. I like to keep things in good condition. Over the years that we lived there I continued to do my best to keep it descent, but it didn't disturb me so much anymore. Instead of spending hours cleaning I had become more consumed by hours in the Word. I still wanted pristine carpet, but I had become content. Then, God dropped this nugget in my heart.

He would rather see His Church more concerned with the spots on our hearts than the spots on our rugs.

Profound! I loved that analogy so and I've never forgotten it.

Mary sat at the Lord's feet allowing Him to increase the luster and shine of her heart while Martha was distracted by acts of service. Service is beautiful, but there is a time a space for everything. Sit at His feet, linger in His Love. Watch Him create a brilliant polish on your life. You Shine Bright. No need to spot clean, He removes everything that weighs on, clutters and stains your heart.


(You can read the entire story in
Luke 10:38-42)