Shekel For Your Thoughts

Where to begin...

This is the foremost thought on my mind tonight.

I’ve arrived home from one of the most favorite weeks of my life. I had no idea how much I’d love being in Israel. So much history. So much prophesy. So much much. I’ve unpacked my bags (because I’m a bit of a freak about putting things in order right away). I’ve had a light snack even though it’s “bedtime”, because I managed to lose 4 pounds on our trip somehow. And now I’m sitting down with my journal and my pen hoping to scribble my hearts adoration again. All this while I can barely keep my eyes open despite sleeping the entire duration of the leg of our flight from London to San Francisco (10 hour flight!).

Where to begin?

There are no words to explain what took my breath away, and it happened over and over again over the course of a week. My blog is just a peak inside my heart and mind. But the waters of where my heart have been run deep and are becoming even more crystal clear.

Have you ever done something because God asked you to and no other reason? Have you ever stepped out in faith despite your complete inability to wrap your mind around what you were inclined to do? Have you ever done so and then find your heart only desire is more of the beauty it seems to unfold?

God specializes in opportunities that make non-sense of common sense. And if you follow him long enough, and far enough, that non-sense all begins to make sense.

A shift will occur in how you think, how you feel and the affections of your heart become even more enlarged and real. God does not disappoint.

Whatever it is that the Lord is squeezing your heart for—don’t hold back, he’s got a plan for you and even if you can’t see now, the detail will soon show out. Just like a kaleidoscope or tapestry. The intricate detail to his will see.

Don’t shrink back.

Do not hold back.

Do not hide away.

Your King of Glory wants you to remain. His fondness for you could kindle more than a heart or two. It will stir the entire Village called Earth. What if God has a Global reach for you?


*Video is taken in the church just next to the Pool of Bathseda. The acoustics were phenomenal. Our entire group sat and sang songs which became enveloped by the walls and became what sounded like an entire choir --symphony, harmony and the spiritual electricity magnified. Simply gorgeous!💗

[wpvideo QYCeNGxV ]