Bucket of Love

I adore my father. I just told him today that he is a Croatian stud. If anyone has great DNA, it’s him. Timeless, and can I please have his skin tone? The man has fantastic skin. Anyway, he is also extremely kind hearted and gentle, yet a loyal defender. I brag about his genetics, but the inside of a man is always far more attractive than anything external. For all of humanity this is true.

Chivalry has never offended me,

 it refreshes me.

. . . Probably because of my father and how he raised me. I am extremely fortunate.

I recall a time several years ago my Dad came over to work on an electrical issue that had come up. There he was, bucket of tools in hand, on my porch at 8:45AM.

My whole life my Dad has done things for me. I know it's how he shows love. When I was a young adult he would say, "Nicole, bring your car over and I will wash it for you." What I knew he was really saying was, "Nicole, I love you."

Others might have seen a man with a bucket of gadgets on my porch that particular morning, but I saw a man with a bucket of love.

What’s in your bucket?

There are 5 love languages or 5 ways to communicate love to others. We speak the ways that are most meaningful to us:

•Acts of Service

•Words of Affirmation

•Quality Time

•Gift Giving

•Physical Touch.

My Dad is a helper, so of course, he expresses love through service/helping (acts of service). Mine is words of encouragement and affirmation, so that's how I usually love first. Most people have more than one love language and can be fluent at all of them, but one will stand out strongest and most natural.

Here is what I know...

people feel most loved when you speak the language of love THEY prefer. Some people need a hug or touch on the shoulder, some need time together most, you get the idea. Pay attention, someone may be reaching love out to you today in a way not easily discerned. As each of us grows in our ability to love, we become better at speaking ALL of the Love languages.

Be a blessing...you are a blessing and you are loved.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.“

1 Cor. 13:13