Paid In Full

“Give us today our daily bread.”
Matthew 6:11

It is time to cancel debts.

If you’ve ever worked to get out of debt you know how difficult it can be. But what may be even more difficult than becoming debt free, is remaining debt free. What is true for our finances is also true for our spirit.

There is one above to came to cancel every debt for all of eternity. He came to set us free from captivity and all that would bind us, burden us, hold us down. He came to do all of this because he has an assignment for your life.

You are here for a purpose and reason.

So God sent his son, Jesus. He came to love one and all and he doesn’t “cherry pick” his children. He came for all! In fact, he was willing to come to a screeching halt on his power, capacity, authority and potential so he could go rescue the one left behind by the 99. What’s that mean? It means if you were the absolute only person to ever believe in him, he still would have made the trip. He still would have put forth all of that effort. He still would have pursued you—heart and soul— because he adored you.

What if you are the one?

What if you are the one my life has been assigned to pursue? To reach? To love? To comfort? To rescue? To heal?

Heaven has a Mighty eye to spot a diamond. Though your life has been a bit rough and you may be feeling a little buffed by it all, there is more here for you to do.

Be decided.
Be intentional.
Be bold.
Be committed—

To believe, begin and become all your potential has blessed you with the possibility and ability to do.

Heaven’s heart is decided upon you. There is indeed a Creator of all eternity and his heart is fully devoted to you.

How beautiful.

Cluster your heart around that—just like a handful of grapes bound together by a Vine. Your heart is meant to Shine and exude something sweet and delicious. What a treat.

Enter in the Banquet Hall of Love and feast your soul. You are adored and God sent me to tell you...there’s more.