Radiant Glow

The angel came to Mary, just a young woman, and told her that not only was she going to see God, but she had been selected to birth something amazing from God...His Son.

"Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God." Matt. 5:8

Of all the ways He could have entered the earth Christ came through the one the Father had selected for the purity of not only her body but the purity of her heart and its intentions. Mary found favor with God and He revealed himself to her.

So it can be for us.

When our heart is purely motivated and we desire to know God as friend not just a religious entity or mere Deity. When we seek Him for Him and no other desire...
When we truly want to know Him, he comes via the Word, Dreams, Visions, and Signs and Wonders. He comes with His miraculous touch and He entrusts that miracle touch within us. Then once we’ve been properly groomed, we can do miracles, too. Mary was Christ’s first example of the miracle power of God being worked from within us and manifesting Love, Joy and Peace all over humanity.

All He needs is a heart that Believes.

They say that when a woman is pregnant she has a radiance, a glow about her. She is beaming from the inside out. I know from my own personal experiences with pregnancy that compliments about the glow of my skin were abundant. I would get a little embarrassed because I didn’t necessarily want the attention, but it was a blessing just the same. The same is true when we experience the fullness of God. It's not anything that can be explained, only experienced. It is always very real, very personal and unique to the individual who experiences it. But the evidence of the experience is apparent on the persons countenance, much like the glow of the pregnant woman. It is a Radiance that comes with a heart that The Lord has etched His mark upon.

Glorious Joy,
Radiant Peace,
a quietness of soul that gives Rest.

Long for it.

Seek after it.

You will not be denied.