A Forever that is Truly Forever

Ode To Joy

When I was married I selected the song   “Ode to Joy”, by Ludwig van Beethoven, as my song. You know, the one they play when you walk into the room and up front and say all that scary stuff? I thought the melody to be lovely and free and light...just as joy should be. I didn’t consciously think all of this. I just knew I liked it and it was “different”. I usually don’t enjoy selecting what everybody commonly selects. I have always tended to gravitate to the unusual or unique. I find great beauty in the uncommon. I guess I have a draw to the mysterious.
This, too, is what draws me to God.

Take the Bible for example. It’s full of stories of valor, courage, bravery, sacrifice, betrayal, love, lust, and robust hope giving faith. But it is also a large book of poetry. And if you know me or my pen at all, you know I love to write and rhyme and I adore the chemistry a cluster of tangled words can bring. The Bible is full of riddles and clues to His Grander and Majesty. I love this.

I was compelled to the Bible and began consuming it while in my mid twenties. Read it cover to cover and then again and again and again. I’ve probably read it a good 20 times through and it is an ever changing message personally applying to me and where I am in life. It is the only book that reads you when you read it. It is living and active and gorgeous.

In all of my years exploring the Word and the Lord. . . I have seen one universal truth in His Word and His role in my life—
the Lord is the truest Gentleman. He is loving and gentle, patient and kind and He never forces himself in. He doesn’t force His will on me. He instead lovingly compels me and then allows me to decide.

He stands at the door of your heart and He knocks. He speaks lovingly. He is gentle. He is deliberate. He is intentional. He pursues your heart. He is a Jealous Lover of your Soul and He desires to take up residence and bring you pure joy. He aims to give you a gift of peace and contentment like you have never known. And isn’t this marvelous? How do you describe a love like this because we surely don’t deserve it. But there He is, always faithful, offering this gift of eternal love and life.

Some things really can be forever.

So cheers to Joy today. May Hope, Love and Tranquility fall faithfully at your feet and you scoop them up and hold them close. Heaven has been boasting on you to His faithful and it is clear God is quite fond of you. It’s true. He means to give you a friendship like none other. Drink deep of His Word today. It will guide you on your way (Isaiah 30:21; Isaiah 58:11). And you will never again want for another way. He is THE Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). And He hung himself on a Tree of Humanity just to bridge the gap and get close to you (John 3:16). All because you caught his eye and knew there was something enormously unique, different and special about you (Zechariah 2:8). I think this is Marvelous.

When God knocks on the door of your heart it becomes our choice whether or not we will let Him in. It’s not enough to just see Him. To truly know Him He waits to be invited in. Receive Him and His Love into your heart today. Pray. Say, “Lord, I feel your love, believe in you and invite you into my heart.” Amen!

I hope I’ve encourage you today and your heart, mind and soul have been flooded with the warmest and gentlest breeze. So light you feel the weight of life lifted and your are easy upon your feet. Everywhere you tread today...may love and light and remarkable inexhaustible  joy be yours. ~Nicole

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:20