The Sky Is Sprinkled with Hope

I have felt the presence of God with me my entire life. I think I just didn’t realize what it was.

God speaks to the darkness inside us all. Then He illuminates us, heart, mind and soul.

There is something so beautiful and intoxicating to me about the night sky. The velvet black backdrop paints the canvas of night so the celestial planets can dance about and sprinkle light. It glitters along with the moon so bright and catches my eye. I love the moon. I love to look at it, I love to write about it. And when I gaze at it, just me and my heart, my thoughts, the peace of the night—I can feel God sitting right beside me. I love how he holds my heart and knows all the things I speak of to no one. He meets me there and handles all of my cares. I don’t have to say a thing. He just knows.

Each one of us has a spirit man. It’s that space inside of us where our soul resides. When we have Hope, it lives there, right there in that space, it habitats and dwells. It gives us desire and purpose and ideas. God leans into us there and guides us on His best path. God has purpose and direction for us all. Sometimes God will interrupt life and take us in a different direction. I sit here now, in major transition and so much is changing for me every day. But God, there He is, holding my hand and reminding me that I am not alone.

Tender hearted people feel and experience the world around them in a very special and unique way. What the world at large overlooks or misses—we do not. We capture everything around us with our heart and we hold it. We hold it close. We kind of marinate in things, ideas, even people. We experience everything differently. I guess that’s why I am such a lover of things and people that are different, unique. We love deeply and we crave something more. We like the unusual and extraordinary. This is where God comes in. He fills the void. He breathes in us and somehow we feel complete.

I don’t know why, I actually think it was all God’s doing—but I have always wanted to reflect His Love the same way the moon does for the sun.

Behind every Hope, there is a Promise. Dress up in that promise today.

God has only His best for you. I pray He would spark your Hope, Ignite your Passion and refuel your Dreams.
So it seems to me...

After you star gaze, feel Heaven’s breath on your face, and be at peace. God bless you richly and give you only the sweetest dreams. I pray He love you sweetly, deeply and completely and you can feel the Spirit of Heaven beside you right now. Find Hope and cluster your heart around it as though you were a consolation of celestial things.

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;
the whole earth is full of his glory.” Isaiah 6:3