Sometimes the dreams I dream in the night disquiet my soul. I am unsure of what I have seen and what does it mean? I know it means something. So I quietly speak to my Father and lay it upon His altar and entrust it there in His care. He has shown me these things for a reason and the time and season may be a later date. I can trust these insights to His keep and I don’t have to lose precious sleep. The knowledge will return when He needs to return it to me.

I had a conversation with several of my clients a while back about dreaming. Fascinating to hear who dreams, who doesn’t and how vivid or how much they recall more than the fact they had a dream.

I dream in vivid detail and color and remember my dreams in great detail. I have done so my entire life. In fact, many a childhood dream so impactful I remember them still to this day, now knowing what they meant but had no idea when I was a child.

Not all dreams are significant. Some dreams are manifestations of inward emotions. But dreams can be a connection to heaven. An inward compass dialed and directed by the Hand of One who is Mighty. Many of my dreams come to pass. Many of my dreams are symbolic and I have learned the language with which God speaks to me with imagery.

Dreams can be gateways to your future.

Those you see at night and those that are just fond wishes tucked inside your heart. My dreams are often the inspiration for my pen. Sometimes (not very often, but sometimes), I don’t have anything to write or to say. I have not been inspired. I’ve come to know God wants me to write on these days as well. I don’t always blog or share what I write, but my journal becomes thick and tight with the testimony of my soul. I scratch it with ink as my heart and soul make retreat into the heartbeat of Heaven. Writing for me is a celebration of Heaven. Writing for me is connection. Writing can be reflection.

I frequently spend time in Psalm 42, and I have penned the following for you. It’s more of a poetic prayer than anything...

Please do not hide your face from me. When your Spirit frolics about the den of my soul I am encouraged and know I can do more because I can feel how I am adored. Love has a way of soaking and saturating us and making us better. We will always be better together.

Because of you, I am better.
With you, I am better.

I pray this day the Love of Heaven saturate your soul and leave you feeling completely undone by the rest, refreshment and relaxation His massage on your heart can truly soothe and bring. Know you are not alone. God goes with you. You can scale a mighty wall and see strongholds in your life fall and give break through that is breath taking and glorious to view. You’ve a better inheritance. You’ve been gifted Divine Endowment. Things are better with you. The One above has kissed you with Favor. Now go about your day, add some ridiculous and tasty flavor!

You are more.