All of life is a song—
You bring the melody
God plays the harmony
And together, it becomes poetic history and great things are done.

Your life is a book.
God holds the Master copy—
The version with all the tattered edges, tear stains, choices made and not made.
The one with all the highlights and torn pages.
Pencil smudges where ideas, pursuits, mishaps were erased.

Be an open book.
As an open book you are as open and vulnerable as can be.
For vulnerability is key for healthy relationships and healthy intimacy.
The closed book is easier, safer, most guarded and clever—
But the closed books contain stories on pages that never get read or talked of. A life not fully lived or a life that was short lived. A closed book is life not lived at all, No matter the span of its days.

History is written on the pages of your life. The story board you walk out every day.
You decide how much is written on each page. You decide the flair or flamboyance of the marks you make, your signature.
You create the melody, the harmony, the Symphony.

All of life is a beautiful love song—
It’s anthem etched upon the very walls of your heart. Live your masterpiece well—

You have enchanted the heart of heaven.

Make it hypnotic.♥️