Get Connected


Saturday is maybe the fullest and busiest day of my week. Between kids sporting events, morning clients, volunteer work and a few errands, it can be quite insane! Yet, it almost never fails to be one of my favorite days each week. I love my kids and watching them Shine. I love my work and my clients rise to the occasion every time with anticipatory gleam in their eye. Who can't love that? I love going to the community and loving on those deemed unlovable and forgotten. I have a heart for the underdog.

As I left yesterday I was in a hurry and forgot to grab my phone. I knew almost immediately, but was already a mile down the road. I had no time to go back. It was fine, I don't need it for work, but I still felt a bit naked without it. You get that little thought, "What if I have an emergency and need it?" I think now a days most people do.

It made me immediately think about how every morning I cover my heart and mind with the Word, worship, prayer and a feverishly scratching pen. Writing is for sure apart of my worship regimen. I adore my pen. I equip myself for the day by covering myself in Ephesians 6, the whole armor of God.

When we are covered in armor, we may still get nicks and chinks, but we aren't derailed by our day, or what others have to say, or unplanned circumstances meant to throw our attitude away. We stand strong, stay the coarse and get it done! What if everyone felt a little more "undressed" when they leave the house without doing this instead of feeling undone when their phone isn't in hand? The world would be a kinder, nicer, and glorious place. Give it a try, if there is an emergency, you're going to need it! ~Nicole

"Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." Eph. 6:11