The Lord is renewing your strength!
Hold on!

Though the night does tarry, don’t despair. The daylight is about to break through. 
I see you. You haven’t felt yourself. You haven’t felt “whole”, but can definitely feel the hole in your soul. It is being filled…even now…filled to overflow. You are adored by Heaven. 
The Kingdom of God does not come to you by force, but like a gentle breeze that whispers to your heart through the leaves of the tree. The Holy Spirit compels.


You will begin to experience a rush of heart, mind and soul. Your victory is on the horizon. Something sweet. Something speical. Something built to last, but it must be Pure.  God is Master of Timing. Hold out your glass and allow Him to fill you. We study, study, study the Gospel, but it is only so much to know the Scriptures--
It is a revelation of Love that makes the Gospel alive in Christ.
 I will say it again—

the move of God does not come by force, but by invitation.

You are invited to be loved. You are invited to receive. 
Sometimes God has to reach down, stoop low. What other King would do that? 
He’s willing to get a little dirty, look a little messy, odd or peculiar. Because God is always most concerned about how to win you. He will do what it takes. Isn’t that amazing? I think so.This is exactly how Heaven won me fully and completely. God first got my attention, then He captivated me with His Comfort, His Caring nature, His willingness to stick with me no matter what….He never gave up. He will never give up on you either. He will send others who will never give up on you. All so you can know how adored you are. So, chin up. You will see victory. You will heal well. You will love and be loved well. 
 God has tons of time, He won’t rush the process. He will take His time and make sure you are loved thoroughly and completely. Like a gentle, yet effective massage…rest in it. Soak it in. Enjoy the warmth of such a love. It may be peculiar, but it is so very unique and very special.
Don’t pull away. Do not shrink back. Saturate.

You listen to me right now.

Your broken heart. . . I know it hurts. I know it’s overwhelming, but your going to heal. God will restore and you will be better. You will find your joy—Through the worse for the better. 

You’re getting better, everyday. Like a hibernating bear through slumber, you will awaken, and you will rise. 

When you’ve had enough, God is enough. 

We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we perceive it. Reshape you’re mind today by renewing it in the cleansing flow of the one who knows everything about you. 

You’ve been loved since the beginning of time. Take time to accept it, soak in it and allow it to kiss your face like the gentle wind. HE is enough. . . And so are you.

“So his heart and the heart of his people were moved as the trees of the woods are moved with the wind.” Isaiah 7:2 

Bless your heart,