Honor & Duty

Esther had attributes that would make any woman great. She possessed humility, wisdom, compassion and courage. I love reading about Esther. Her life brings questions to my mind I will never know the answer to. Esther received the royal treatment. A common Jewish girl who found herself wearing a crown and married to the king. Esther may or may not have been interested in this title or role-but God gave it to her because he knew she would carry out completely the assignment he required for her. She may not have understood what God was up to. She may have even begged to be hidden from view-but God knew what to do and so did her relative, Mordecai, who was the only earthly father she ever knew.

We can learn so much from the life of Esther. She may have struggled with her peace over her calling in life. She may have wanted to hide or run away. But she trusted her Father and she did as he said and it turned out well for her in the end and her people were spared injustice.

God's got things for you to do that you may not always want to do or understand. Trust his lead and watch everything work out in the end as your eyes behold...you were born for such a time as this. ~Nicole