Look Up


"And let us consider each other carefully for the purpose of sparking love and good deeds." Hebrews 10:24

I wrote the words that follow sometime ago, a few years back  I guess, but God will often times use my own words and writing to encourage myself. I must say that one thing I appreciate about the gift of exhortation is I can always encourage myself and usually do. But as encouragers we are often the last to be encouraged because most of the time it doesn’t occur to others we appreciate it. Over the years I’ve had people tell me I’m always so happy and positive and never seem to need encouraging. I’ve had others tell me that they are intimidated to try and encourage me because I am an encourager. This seems silly to me, but I’ve had enough people say it I realize it’s a real thing the enemy uses to keep people from trying.

I am so grateful for the body at my church. So many people whose love I feel deeply and they encourage me so lovingly and I adore them. Just today I had someone at church who I hadn’t seen in a long time tell me how much my writing means to them and they encouraged me that I can’t know how many people I am touching and speaking into. It was heartfelt and sincere and unsolicited. I told her how much I felt encouraged by her words. It’s all God and I am just willing to obey and script what I hear him say. Often times I am merely sharing my personal journaling of things the Holy Spirit says to me for me. When he leans within for me to share it on some sort of public forum, I know someone will benefit from it as well.

Writing is difficult. Not the actual creative expression. I love that part and it is an easy extension of who I am. It’s the intimacy and transparency that effective writing brings that requires courage. Putting your heart and soul out on the skinny branch is something that requires courage, especially for one as reserved and private as I am. But God is ever Lovely. I hope you experience just how Lovely He is.

I  know the best fruit grows out in the limb and He rewards me with sweet nectar over and over again.

The more the Enemy of my soul tries to force me to refrain, the more my followers grow. I went from scribbling in a journal and sharing my pen with no one to now having hundreds of people subscribed to my blogs. I receive texts and emails and notes from people who share how something I wrote impacted them and how God used it right in the perfect moment.

The things I find most difficult to share seem to always bear the most succulent fruit. 

But God...

He alone can do all of that.

I’m  not impressed with things of the world.

But God...

He impressed me. He impresses me.

I do it for Him.

It is my Love Song to Him.

It is the balcony I perch my heart upon. I gaze in His sky and He shows me His eyes in the dead of the night. I utter Him praise and He caresses my heart. Not everyone understands what a Sacred Romance with Heaven is, but I understand and that’s all that matters to me.

I am His.

So glean from my experience and my words of edification ...

Never grow too weary to encourage another. It can be hard, I know.

I have observed over the years that many times people will be thinking of someone or want to encourage a specific person and maybe they don't even know why, so they hold back for fear of rejection or looking foolish. I implore you...don't hold back. You never know how timely your words, smile or hug can come just at the moment someone needs it most. Just like I was reminded this morning. It is God nudging your heart to act.

I have seen it in my own life. Sometimes I will encourage and not know any details of their life or I will post something I know I should (but don't want to maybe) and sure enough...someone contacts me and shares how it was exactly what they needed when thy needed it.

Everyone needs to feel accepted. It is an innate human need and desire. Your encouragement and friendliness may be all another needs at just that right time. Be a World-Class Encourager! I know it is God’s mark and Design on my life to be Lover of All. My heart bleeds for the outcast.


When I envision my crown, the eternal gift for my obedience, I don’t picture something ornate and showy. I desire the laurel wreath crown. Simple. Alive. Delicate. Fruit bearing vine. Succulent and green and a symbol of all things regal. I am delighted most by what most would call the lesser things.

This New Year allow your heart to ring for all things that truly matter.

Always Inspired~