Fair well: A Year End Blessing

New Year...New Goals.
I've never been one to make resolutions. I tend to look at every day as a new day, a new chance and new beginning. But why not take the opportunity with a new calendar year to dream big, take big action steps and witness every possibility for your life ignite with passion and take flight?
Extraordinary just may be a place worth going.
So instead of talking yourself out of your divine destiny, why not decide to keep it, embrace it, and make it a reality?
Possibility is a glorious expression on any face. Dwell endlessly in possibility.
I hope you all have a safe a wonderful New Year celebration. Remember two things as we wish 2018 good bye...
1. Change how you think in 2019.
Reflect on the past year. What are the significant “take-a-ways” God was gently trying to get you to yield to and learn?
Everyday is a new beginning with a new opportunity to be a better version of the you from yesterday. Don't make it only an annual thing.
2. Nothing good happens after midnight.
I don’t know if this is actually true, but it’s cute and everyone says it. I think what it really means is be careful with your life. You are precious cargo. We don’t use the word precious all that much in society any longer unless speaking of babies or animals. But isn’t it true. Your life is precious. You have value. You are cared about. Even if you feel what I’m saying isn’t true—it is. God finds immense pleasure in you. Spend some time exploring who He is and let Him begin to communicate and commune with you. Meditate on Him. There is power and rest in a yielded and contrite spirit.
I am honored to speak a blessing over you. Embrace it for your life for it is Divinely Inspired:
The Lord bless you and keep you. I pray His face shine upon you. The Glory of His Majesty and Countenance will illuminate you heart and soul and invigorate your hope and belief in His Sovereignty. May He increase your capacity to understand the deeper things of Eternity and become more aware of the spiritual reality around you.  May your eyes of discernment open wide and an awakening of the deeper regions of your heart and soul would occur; and when the blessing comes you will know all you need to know to prepare you for your new level of blessing. I pray you may carry the blessing well. Be well. Amen.
Happy New Year