You Are More


You are so much more than what you see in the are strong.
You are witty.
You are Joyful.
You are Magnificent.
You are genuine and sincere.
You are careful and considerate.

You have been hurt by many, but you count is as blessing for it was used to shape your strength and tenacity.
Adversity is life’s Great Teacher.

Look at your strength...
You hold yourself well.

You have been measured and the weight of your measure is like pure and precious metal. Golden are you. God’s scepter has reached down from heavens crown to anoint you. God sees immeasurable worth in you.

You are secure.

In you, I see True Beauty.
Hold on to your Promises, Dreams and Aspirations...they are coming.

Your heart plays a gorgeous melody.
Never be afraid to pull it’s strings.
Holding back only leads to lack.

Saturate your heart today.
Bathe in Goodness.
You are loved with a kind of love that is a perfect fit—like hand in glove.

Resounding Glory...
YOU ARE an amazing story, all for a King’s Glory.


Soak in this...
No matter what, you can bathe in Love & Goodness.
There’s nothing like this.