Big Dogs


Ever had somebody think you were mad at them when you weren’t? It can be frustrating to convince someone who has decided in their heart and are sure of a non fact.

But don’t we all do this to God over and over again? Don’t we betray our own heart and fail to show ourselves kindness because we expect the worse case scenario to unfold?

We place our expectations of the future on our experiences of the past. What a horrible mask the enemy has dealt to corrupt God’s Good Nature all so he can boast about how God has failed or forgotten to come through for you. But God’s nature is to never become frustrated. He is calm and carries His Peace extraordinarily well. He is decided upon you.

Friends, If this resonates with your heart at all, don’t fret, stand tall, I’ve got a good word for you.

When I was a child I had a series of negative experiences with dogs, big ones. Now, I am a petite and diminutive adult so you can imagine my stature as a young girl. I was always very tiny. A large dog can be quite intimidating for anyone just in size alone. But on top of this intimidation I had experiences of them taking my food, barking at me and I was even attacked by a dog when I was 9. I still have his fangs marked as a scar on my left leg—literally. So, as you can imagine, I am not a huge fan of dogs—All dictated by my experience I’m sure. But my family loves dogs! So we have only had two in our households 24 year existence, but both were off the charts amazing creatures. I have two points with this...

1) Maybe dogs aren’t so bad and I need to get to know each dog individually?
2) God knows my experience of past and my interpretations so he hand selected gentle giants of dogs who would be able to win my heart?

I’ve always considered number 2 to be of great truth.

So what do you face in your life? What giant or obstacle or fear is ruling your choices? What is your “Big Dog”? Are you hiding in a cave as David did avoiding Gods blessings or are you putting your foot in the River Jordan like Joshua and taking the land?

God is not mad at you.
God is not out to get you.
God has not forgotten you.
God cannot change his mind about you.
You may change, but he doesn’t.
God will care for your every circumstance. He also knows what you have been through, and he will delicately care for you and escort you like a perfect gentlemen into his plans for you. You have your own personal promise land. But you must walk the dessert to get to it. Take courage. Have heart. Take risks. Think and dream bigger than you ever have before. Be willing to do the absurd and ridiculous!

God’s Love is scandalous and his grace measured generous!
Wherever you go...
Whatever you do...
He is with you.
He loves to live inside your heart.
It’s his favorite home.
You are adored.

~Nicole 💖

“Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”
Col. 2:7