Angel of Light


I’m just going to praise my Lord.
I’m just going to sing exultations to His Radiant face.

His Goodness—
His Mercy—
His Faithfulness.

What an Angel.

Angel of Light Shine Bright
Dispel the Night.

Angel of Light, you protect me when it’s Night. My cares take flight in your Presence.
You not only give me something to give me someone to sing care for.

My love for you causes me to shout.
My shout doesn’t come from my throat, but how I move my pen and script my heart on paper for all who should care to read.


I declare from the rooftops how I adore you. But my rooftop looks more like a stage with lots of blue tape telling where the boundary lines are and I walk and turn about and declare not from my mouth, but with my health and fitness, what a beautiful sparkling gift life is and how much I cherish good health, wellness, strength and vitality.

Most of all—I adore you with my smile. Inside and out I smile for you.

You are a Beautiful Soul.
I adore you.
You always leave me coming back for more.

I am forever dedicated to the One God. I love you.
And for this I am thankful.

Go forward in this day knowing God is for you, adores you and is carving His will for your life out of a Tree called Devoted.

How Beautiful 💗