Word of Exhortation


Did you know?

The Bible is mostly poetry? Nearly fifty percent of it! This is a fact I learned just yesterday and it tickled my heart. Because when the Spirit speaks to me and when He crowds my pen and I rend, something poetic as a prose or rhyme comes to my mind every time. I love this because He has always versed my pen and courted my heart with smoothness of words. It’s like salve to my soul.
He knows my heart and my love language.

God will speak to you if you listen. You don’t need a yoga class to Chanel in. You don’t need any form of medium or spiritist to step in. But what you do need is a willing and soft heart—an open soul—willing to yield and humbly cleanse yourself from sin, from pride. Pride of life will harden a heart more crooked and solid than anything. Extreme pride may look like atheism. But even doubt or fear or worry can be forms of pride. Anything that lacks trust and faith in God is laced with pride.

For the next moment put everything aside. Find sometime to search your soul, clear out some clutter, and make some room for Him. He wants to move in, redecorate, and penetrate your soul with a splendor and glory that maybe has yet to begin for you depending on how well you know your Maker or maybe you merely know of him?

I have received a Word of Exhortation this morning. I receive them every day, but I do not always feel lead to share them. Sometimes God is kind and let’s them be just for me. But today—let us feast and BE ENCOURAGED by what you read:

“I Am God—and I Am forever Faithful to you. I order your day and I order your every step in each day if you allow me to. I Am here to help you, to guide you, to bring Comfort to you. If it is never laced with Faith, Hope and Pure/True Love—it is not Me. It is the Enemy.

Rid yourself of the ridiculous—
Fear, jealousy, covetousness, insecurity, poverty or a hopeless mentality. Now...grab hold of my Tree called Lovely. It will shade you well.”

You were born to be loved. You are held by the Father. Be loved. Be held. Be healthy and whole—He can make all well with your soul.

Comfort and Rest May they abide wholeheartedly with you today and may you receive Strength for your Journey. ~Nicole💗

“As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands.” Psalm 119:143