Where Miracles Begin

I’ve been a writer all of my life. I just didn’t always know it. I wasn’t always aware of my gift there. Wasn’t aware it was a strength.

I’ve been a writer all of my life, but I haven’t always done so with a pen.

A writer is always writing. We do it with words, but sometimes those words are thoughts and memories and things etched within us that stay with us. The inspiration comes from a variety of sources. I have been known to find much inspiration in the garden, while digging around in the dirt. I find inspiration on a hike or a walk. I find inspiration standing at the kitchen sink. I have a love for hand washing dishes for this very reason. It is in these moments the Love of Heaven transcends upon me, and I cleave. So though inspiration can be found in a variety of experiences, there is only one root to it all—and that is LOVE.

“You will go out in joy
and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and hills
will burst into song before you,
and all the trees of the field
will clap their hands.”

Isaiah 55:12

Love is potent and powerful and contains something mysterious and magical. I recently had a close female friend tell me I was a romantic. I whole heartedly agreed.

A romantic sees the possibility, the mystery and the chemistry in everything. Being romantic is more than just a movie genre or a special person or place. It’s a state of mind. We see things a little bit rosier than the rest. We have a luster of Hope on everything we touch. It’s a marvelous way to think. The down side is it does have its disappointments. Most do not share our point of view so it’s often like going on a gorgeous mountain hike, finding a breath taking view, and having to look at it alone because others can’t see what you do so they can’t share it with you. But this is always where my God steps up for the occasion. He is a most faithful companion and I have found Him to be a bit of a romantic, too. He sees the gorgeous view and possibility, for He is the one who provided me the point of view in the first place.

I believe life was meant to be viewed with rose colored glasses. This doesn’t mean we abandon wisdom and common sense, but we aren’t bound by these rules. They are not limiting factors. We are sensitive to the Spirit and His unique ways of doing things. I dare say our favorite Bible stories are the weird ones that lack reason, but are loaded with possibility that became reality. We don’t have to draw in the lines. We understand the boundaries of Heaven are vast and wide and possess unsearchable depths that are more than pleasurable to explore. Romantics are unconventional and I dare say, uncommon. With a mindset and heart posture like this...every experience can contain the glory of a sunrise or a sunset. We can find a ray of sunshine and chase after it in the midst of life’s darkest storms. Pure Majesty.

It has been said that if it seems impossible, that is God’s starting point.

Thank you, Lord, for this glorious day. You have beauty within it contained and I pray I have the eyes to see it. Help us, Lord, to live this day as though anything were possible. Amen.

Go in Grace this day and go with God. The best is yet to come. Always—

When we are undone, God’s best work has just begun.