In Process There Is Progress

I know this woman. . .

She used to reach out to me when I didn’t want to be reached out to. She was always inviting me, calling me, checking in on me. She’d on occasion do something enormously thoughtful.

Here’s the trouble, I’d been hurt so much by female relationships growing up that at some point in time I stopped letting them into my heart. I was kind. I was friendly. I was personable—but beyond that you weren’t going to get to know me, because I was also guarded beyond healthy levels. I just don’t do drama, like not really at all and it seems that was all young women did.

But this young woman was unique—I love the unique and have a flair to attract it! She wouldn’t take no for an answer. And after many dreams and much prayer I decided God was sending her to me and had assurance she wouldn’t hurt me or do that weird jealous thing that so many women had done before—so I opened the door and let her in.

To this day she is my absolute most faithful friend and in her God has given me so much more. She loved me like a salve when my heart was bleeding out. She showed me what real friendships was. Give and take—equal giving. I’d never had that before. My female relationships were always me giving, gracing over offense and giving some more. But this was so refreshing and sweet! I wanted more. It took time for me to learn to accept it because it was so foreign. But to this day almost two decades later—she has proven to be a faithful intercessor and armor bearer. She has stuck with me through a whole host of character building experiences that also were used of God to give me the spiritual territory and authority I possess.

Trust God with your process—

He will bring you a glorious bloom to shade your soul and prevent you from loosing your bloom as you expand and take time and room to grow. You are heaven adored and shielded from even the fiercest storms. God has true friends for you and they would take some hits for you. You may not get many like this, but when you do they are heaven kissed! Embrace it!