Know Who You Are: Why Genetics Matter

I have been fascinated with the human body, fitness and nutrition most of my life. My fascination began around the age of 12 or 13. Ive been a student of physiology and anatomy ever since. I want to always learn and always grow. I always want to be on the cutting edge and up to date with research, trends (not fads) and maximize performance all the while maintaining a more holistic or prevention based approach to health, longevity and medicine.

I’ve been experimenting with DNA based nutrition. I’m having a blast learning. I remember in school my all time favorite of all favorite classes in college was my genetics class. Somehow my brain wraps around this type of science better than the rest.

DNA testing is catapulting knowledge in so many arenas. Your DNA is your genome that determines who you are and it is created at conception. Your body is comprised of chromosomes (23 pairs one set from each parent, 46 in all) and these chromosomes are the blue print of you.  Your DNA determines the color of your eyes, how tall you will be, your body shape, skeletal structure, how your muscles attach to your bone (origin and insertion ), your immune system and every single strength and weakness. Wow! God missed not a detail when mapping out the person He designed you to be. I think this is fascinating.

Today murder mysteries are belong solved from 20+ years ago because of DNA testing. Now, we can learn more in depth about who we are and how we store body fat, what exercise can help us best for our body type, and how to alter the natural course of inherited family deficiencies or precursors to disease, etc. with nutrition. Here is a quick video (only about a minute long) of what I’m trying out. Let me know if you’d be interested in learning more.

I am a HUGE believer that our physical health and our spiritual health are connected! Gain ground in one area and it will transfer benefit to all areas. I am absolutely sure of this because of my own testimony and journey and I am seeing this duplicate in the lives of those I help.

Be Well! ~Nicole

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