The Traveler (3)

“In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.” Ephesians 1:7

Have you ever had a dream, vision or lofty goal? Maybe this idea imbedded inside of you is so deep and so crystal clear, but you haven’t the faintest clue about how to go about moving toward it? Have you ever had this type of vision or dream that wasn’t your own, but in fact, God imbedded it in your being at the very core and depth of you? This type of dream is about God’s assignment, plans and purposes for you while you stay here a bit on this side of eternity. In the Church world it is referred to as a “Calling”.

Joseph was a young, innocent and maybe a naive boy. He received such a dream and vision from the Lord. God showed Him a promise of things to come. Because Joseph probably had less than grand thoughts about himself, he didn’t think anything of sharing His dream with His brothers. He was probably a bit perplexed and surprised by his dream. How could he know the response he would receive? But God used it all to teach Joseph how to remain innocent as a dove, but shrewd as the serpent. God used all the travail Joseph walked through—not to break his stride, not to discourage his heart, but to break his heart so that God could build a man worthy of such a commission. Show me a great leader of the faith and I will show you a person who has had their heart broken.

Once we become broken God can begin His greatest work in our life. 

Joseph grew in stature, wisdom, experience and then in fame. God gave him a name that even now remains on the lips of the saints.

God is calling His children to accomplish the extra-ordinary, but first He must work the soil of our hearts, place us upon level ground and cement His Pure Love and Grace as a firm beginning to something great. There is extraordinary at work inside of you. You must believe it before it becomes true. You must surrender to it even if it’s not what you desire to do. You must refrain from fearing the obstacles and giants that oppose this good work. Success is not our responsibility, it’s God’s. Our responsibility is trusting Him as we walk in faithfulness to His Call. He unfolds the details like a set of well drawn blue prints as we go along, walking by faith and not by physical eye sight. Though the giants may be many, they may be fierce, they may be impressive. But our God is Valiant and Mighty and He will ensure your victory.

“Victory is all about trusting in Christ and not about trying to succeed.” 

Your life is graced with the favor of an Almighty God. Can you not feel His Touch? Can you not feel His Gentleness and Tenderness? The King of all heaven and earth—the universe—gave himself the assignment, gave himself the outrageous vision and goal to become a Traveler and descend from a Throne of Perfection and downsize into the flesh of a man.

He died for your attention.

Walk in Victory today as you walk faithfully, knowing beyond any shadow of doubt your extraordinary is on the way.