Splendid Place

Last night I had the most hysterical conversation with my youngest child as he tries to decide what decade I was born. Once we had it all sorted out he was quite surprised and informed we that the Toy Story movies weren’t even made yet when I was born!

He is in the early middle childhood years and it’s so fun to talk with him. How he got a large vocabulary and mind he has blows me away. It’s fun to watch their cognition change and develop with age. The complexity of thought and reason grows and it delights my soul.

We lie on his bed and little by little all my boys came in and we piled on the bed or the floor and talked for at least an hour right there in the dark. My heart just drank it all in. These boys, such special men.

Life can be unfair.

Life can be hard.

Things can happen that leave you feeling like “this is how I’m getting taken out”—

but then you have moments that envelop your heart and take you to a splendid place.

My kids are my splendid place. When I was young I wasn’t sure I’d really want to have children. When I did I thought I’d stop after one. Who would ever know, least of all me, I’d have five! Last night my youngest told me he was so happy he was born. Melt. My. Heart.

I dare say you have a splendid place as well? It may not be your children, it may be a location near the ocean where you can see, hear, smell the waves. It may be a hike in the deepest of woods alone with your thoughts. It might be in the arms of a loved one. You know your splendid place because you are thinking of it right now.

Our Heavenly Father has a splendid place and it is right in the center of your heart. There is no place He’d rather be than wrapped lovingly around you. He will lie awake at night listening as your pour out your heart to Him.  He loves you.

It can be hard for people to wrap their mind around Heaven, God and a Spirit that can direct the tide and make known what resides inside a man or woman’s heart and mind. But He is real. He is alive—and He is guiding your path. Your life is an incredible journey. I hope it has offered you some laughs. Rain or shine in the dessert or an orchard of full bloom—Heaven is patient and waiting for you to decide upon your heart to open it to Him. You’ll never have a more faithful friend. I promise, receive and let Him in.

Something sweet.
Something special.
Something Splendid.

God is sending you angels in disguise to elevate your life.


“. . . I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.“ John 10:10