90 Degrees

Yesterday over lunch I had a fascinating visit with the spouse of a colleague of my husband. She is in the same industry as myself, fitness...but she’s been at it a good ten years longer (paid anyway) than I have. But what she is doing now fascinated me. She told me she “fixes broken people”. She went on to share how she is still personal training, but her clients are cancer patients. She gets them post surgery and helps them reduce inflammation and gain greater mobility and range of motion. She went into great detail regarding what and how she accomplishes this. I was absolutely touched. I sort of want to do it now. She shared how rewarding yet difficult it is. You have to be a person of tremendous compassion.

I think I would really want to make that kind of a difference in another life.

But I love how she said it,

“I fix broken people”.

I’m still thinking on it all this morning, but I realized—

that’s what I do, too.

Not all broken people look the same. Some are disease free with great range of physical mobility, but their emotional internal mobility is paralyzed. It takes great quantities of time, patience, compassion, love...love....and some more love, followed by listening ears. These are attributes required to help a broken heart, mind or soul overcome whatever the source of the damage was.

I’ve never felt like I was “just” a personal trainer. I breathe into people. I strengthen them physically, spiritually, emotionally and cognitively. God hand picks and brings my clients, every last one. I love them all and we’ve walked together through some painful things. Our sessions together are therapeutic for many. For others they are stress relief or a little "me time" to reinvigorate their every day. Together-we increase their range of motion for all of life.

I aspire to do the same with writing. My pen is my instrument and my God the object of my affection. The affection of Heaven trickles down upon my crown and then I bleed it out on all of you. I hope it saturated through and heals or brings joy to your soul.

I guess I’ve always done things a little bit different. I guess you have to as I reflect back upon those words. You have to think different. That is how molds are broken. Some types of broken are good!

The Light of Christ is such a Peculiar Glory—

Yet it illuminates and captivates and radiates.

It penetrates heart, bone and marrow.

In your bones the marrow is located in the center. It is where the blood cells, the nutrition so to speak, is located. It’s a soft gel like substance that is responsible for red blood cell production. So marrow is the very physical substance of who you are (among others things). When you were designed by heaven every detail was included in the blue print.

Stay your course.

Watch God download some supernatural marrow to you. He will nourish and protect and provide and sustain life in you and through you. He will protect you with his protective layer just as the bones protect the marrow. He is in the heart of all things, You.

Keep going toward every dream and promise afforded you. You may get nicked. You may acquire some cracks, you may even become broken. But God means to put you back. He is definitely in the business of fixing broken people. And when he does—the flexibility, mobility and range of motion is guaranteed to be total liberty and freedom!

I think I can see you moving another 90 degrees!


“...and provide for those who grieve in Zion-- to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.”

Isaiah 61:3