After Glow

I am still basking in the after glow of my trip to Israel just a little more than a week ago.

The Lord has knit my heart with Zion.

Every night since our returning flight from Tel Aviv back to my homegrown California—I have had marvelous dreams of special things that I have only written down in my journal. Scripting my heart with actual paper and pen is the absolute best of the best for the flow of my soul. I love how I’m old fashion like that. God connects with it and I’m at rest in it and my soul soars high above the known.

In my dreams I experienced similar things. I see, I receive and often times what I dream is the inspiration for what I write. I see things in my dreams that cannot be seen with the naked eye. And many, many times (most of the time), what I see in those dreams I watch come to be in the natural. Supernatural insight.

Every night since getting home I have had stellar dreams laced with the love and presence of Israel. I have become a hard and fast devoted friend to Zion. I feel connected to her as odd as that may sound. I have always loved Zion, but now I have a deeper ownership of it. God gave me something there and it’s like the gift contained a thread that suspended me between here and there by the Power of His Chord.

I am one who experiences deeply.

I feel deeply.

I love deeply.

The Spirit stirs within me deeply.

I have compassion and empathy so strong yet feel I have even greater regions of both yet to be explored.

Not all can handle what I bring—

I get it.

I realize more than ever that people aren’t used to being loved.

He’s the one doing it after all.

God’s Glory is sometimes peculiar.

Just like in Jesus’ day, the established church didn’t understand him because nothing like how he came on the scene had ever been done like that. He fulfilled all the prophesies, yet it was so unique and different—peculiar even his parables he made. But he was one who loved purely and those who saw him (with their heart), felt that love dearly. I can’t believe I got to sit in the temple where he read the scriptures and declared that he was the fulfillment! He literally told the religious people he was the Messiah! So bold! And those walls still hold the stories today from Ancient of Days. Jesus came and fulfilled the scriptures. And to this day he remains one of the most controversial people in history. Heaven knows how to shake it up a bit. God knows that controversy can be a powerful marketing tool for Kingdom business!

God can take anything and stir it and sift it and make something marvelous of it. And when it’s true and of Him it will leave an impenetrable mark upon a heart that resides for life ...

Zion, I am your friend. I will pray for you, bless you, cherish every dream about you. I will pray for your people. I will pray for the land, that it might be a well watered garden of goodness. Take me heart and soul to the Upper Room. There’s immense Power there still. You have Glory yet to be exhumed.

They say it is easier to give birth than raise the dead—

Heal the sick.

Give sight to the blind.

Raise the dead.

If it’s happening in third world countries why can’t it happen here? I believe and anticipate that I will see all of these things..

I am not afraid of the Power of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Holy Wind Blow...

God’s got a garden of fire bugs that have been lit in the belly of heaven. Spit them out upon the earth. Do your good.

Not everything the Spirit of God says makes sense to the natural mind—but that is part of what makes His Prophetic flow glow and the mystery compelling to those who want to know just who this God is.

I am a Friend of Zion.

My heart resides in His Temple.


“Still another angel, who had charge of the fire, came from the altar and called in a loud voice to him who had the sharp sickle, “Take your sharp sickle and gather the clusters of grapes from the earth’s vine, because its grapes are ripe.”

Rev. 14:18