Wrought With Purpose


I invite you into my Tabernacle of Hope.
I have been sifted deeply and completely;
But within it all you have never left my side.
You bore my stain that I might gain something intimate, something lovely,
something created for my goodness sake.
Then your Love walks in, radiant and bright. Your Love walks in and it has worn a path on my heart and stains the soil of my pen—

I will never be the same again.

You never leave me forlorn.
You’ve bore the scorn.
You took the sting of rejection and turned it into a sensational blessing.

It only takes a moment, it only took a moment,
a brief spark, and something ignites...
And just like that—
something inside wakes up.
I am awake...even more completely than before.

You peel back the deepest layers of my heart in a new and unexpected way.
I am eternally grateful for this blessed Hope been discovered. You are an exceptional Lover!

Born of dust, without moth or rust,
I too, will rise.

I am not my own, but have been purchased at a price. I honor you with my life. I have been wrought with purpose~