Tear One Off!

Chances are...God is thinking about you right now and His thoughts toward you are lovely...

Once you discover this unmerited grace and favor and begin to savor what the Savior actually did for you, you are a member of His Family. You become His Chosen, His Bride. You don’t have to be a woman to be His Bride—it’s an analogy.

God looks at us the way a groom looks to His Bride as she walks the aisle to stand by his side and the two become knit as one.
You are God’s child.

He created you and loves you and lives for your friendship and closeness.

“. . . let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.“ Matthew 5:16

I became a Christian as a child. Neither of my parents reared in church. Neither went to church at all, no background of faith. But God met me and showed His heart to me at the tender age of six. I will never forget the moment I first believed. Even at six! He swept me off my feet and touched my young heart down deep. As I’ve grown and matured in faith I have a few observations made about the Church in general. The Church is so unique and so complex as it is a compilation of people from across the globe who may only have one thing in common...a heart touched and healed by the Lord. Marvelous. I’ve noticed over the years and by my own testimony there are two sort of “camps” in the Body of Christ. Now, this is my observation and opinion. You don’t have to agree, but I am certain of what I see.

There’s the conventional church and then there is the unconventional church.

The conventional church loves rules,  structure, hierarchy and is proper as it reveres titles and position to high degree. In essence, there is nothing wrong with this. I was raised in a certain denomination like this and it had many beautiful blessings. I can see God in how they flowed and used their gifts of administration, organization and order for the Lord.

Then, there is the unconventional church. This camp doesn’t have a specific structure or definition (aside from the Biblical mandate), but they have a tender sensitivity to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and His peculiar methods. These people are crazy in love with Jesus and hinge their lives on being the hands and feet of Jesus no matter how it looks. The conventional church may be a tad more concerned with appearance and properness while the unconventional Bride doesn’t bother with it, a bit more willing to become undignified for a purpose. Like David dancing before the Lord. His wife thought him undignified given his position, but he danced until his clothes fell off declaring he’d become more undignified than this! Unconventional! But improper? I think not!

Another great example of the unconventional church is the story found in Luke 5. A paralytic man wanted to see Jesus to receive healing from his paralysis, but could not get to him because of the enormous crowd about the house Jesus was in. So his friends did something that was very resourceful and creative, but oh so not socially accepted!

They tore the roof off!

That’s right, they carved a hole in the ceiling and lowered the man down to Jesus. It wasn’t pretty. It was expensive. It didn’t look good...but oh what a healing!

Have you ever been desperate for a miracle? If you have, you know how hard you’ll work to receive it. Now, we don’t have to work for miracles, but there are definite things we can do to petition the Lord. When your desperate for God you actively pursue Him and are willing, however it looks, for your break through. That is the essence of the unconventional church—they know how to get dirty for the Kingdom! And they get dirty not just for their own blessing, but for others as well.

Both schools of thought or faith are used by God and loved by God. Both are even needed and necessary. Which camp do you fall in?
I am definitely apart of the unconventional crew!

We tear the roof off!!

Get out there today and know that you put a smile on Heaven’s face. Let’s tear some roofs!