Seed of Promise

Only Mary walked the dusty road with her Lord. She carrried seeds of worth bearing great promise...

She was the only one who was there when the Angel of the Lord spoke such an unusual promise over her life. She felt the Seeds of Promise bloom in her womb and no one could understand her heart, her mind, her prayers, her roll and I guarantee she hadn’t a single word to explain any of it.

So she held it all within her heart.

What was it like to watch Jesus grow and be a boy? Life had removed her so far away from the home and family she had known, the life she had known, because she had a promise to protect. So as Jesus grew the people around him knew him as Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph. They didn’t know any of these things and experiences that were tucked inside her heart. It wasn’t time for the Lord’s glory to be revealed.

She quietly tucked these things within her heart.

She walked the entire span of this man’s earthly life with him. She was there at conception. She was there at the birth in the manger. She was there as he spoke with tremendous learning of scriptures though he was but a youth. She was there as the crowds grew and his miracle ministry began. She was there as he walked the dusty hill with a cross to be executed for every single man. Who could possibly contain what welled up in her heart? How could she have possibly felt anything less than completely overwhelmed? There were no words. What pain and anguish she must have endured at ever great levels. Yet, all the while, intensely enjoying the gift of being the mother to the Christ. There were probably many tears contained in a gift so rare.

And she hid all of it inside her heart.

God knows the road you walk. God knows with detail every thing you go through and everything you feel. Heaven is real and it is inhabited by a Father who is equipped to heal.

Cherish Him within your heart.

Shattered dreams and a broken past—
God will give you a promise meant to last.
Something sweet and something true.
God has not forgotten you.
He has designs for the fabric of your life and He will make it all stick. You won’t come unglued.
He paid a price—
He did it for you.

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke 2:19