Unwrap Yourself In This Love

My pen is really just an ongoing love letter to heaven. My pen is also a love letter from heaven to humanity. So let's just start this right off--

You are truly and earnestly loved. Perhaps this is difficult for you to grasp or receive. Yes, I understand, pure love can be very hard to receive. Most have little experience with it. But when it comes~do you feel that? When it comes it kind of disturbs, but in a way you kind of like. Things inside of your heart and soul begin to move around. Your mind tries to grasp it, but it cannot. Because Love happens first in the heart. Then, with enough adequate love, it begins to shift the mind and cause it to align with the Love that has come inside. Yes, you discern in the very bellows of your being it's uniqueness and it's flow...well, it's a home you've never before known. And it will soothe your soul like the tranquility a large body of water can bring.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”
James 1:17

"Lord, Let my words be Christ’s potent drug that reaches into and emerses every narrow crevice of man’s heart. That we might all be intoxicated for Him and in Him…the ONE, holy and true. Amen.”

There really aren’t any words to describe my heart for God and the depth of my friendship with him. However, I have agreed with the Almighty to try to convey everything I feel, everything I hear, everything I know through the one vehicle I have..my pen (which has been and will always be directly connected to my heart).

I know with God’s guidance and help I can effectively love an entirely wounded and limping Bride. I aim to love hard with long-suffering that those who ache, those who mourn, those who fail to find relief for their every emotional, spiritual and physical discomfort would give glory to God for I came bearing relief.

He is a God full of good gifts. He delights to watch your life unfold, just like a Father who watches His child unwrap their gift.

You are a gift. Allow your heart to become wrapped up in Him. He loves you.


“The world does not need more Christian literature. What the world needs is more Christians writing good literature.”

C.S. Lewis