Giving Thanks🍁

🍁Thanksgiving Day🍁

As I was preparing in the kitchen yesterday I found my thoughts wander to this grand day of Harvest in history. I thought of the earliest of settlers-the inhabitants of the colony of Roanoke. These people came to America and tried to settle the very first community in 1587. But they disappeared mysteriously without a trace. History never trulwy discovered what became of them. Some say they went black to England some say they died.
Let not their tremendous legacy die in vein. We the people have a duty to build and love community and each other. I am so thankful to be American. Thankful! And I pray your last bite of pie won’t stick to your thighs!😜

Blessings, Nicole🍁

Recipe for tomorrow🥣...

Happy  Thanksgiving from

Broken and Brave🍁