Protein, Hydration & Travel

As some of you who follow my blog already know, John and I have just returned from the trip of a lifetime. Below I'm going to highlight some tips and tricks for maintaining lifestyle of health while traveling. Glean what you can!

We spent an entire week in Israel. What began in Tel Aviv, finished with most of the trip in Jerusalem touring as many historical and Biblical sights as we could. We went with a group, nearly 40 strong, lead by our Pastor and a Pastor from a church in a community near ours. We were on the go from morning until night.

Traveling was about 22 hours each way with an extended stay in London, England. Traveling can wreak havoc in the body. Your body can become extremely dehydrated while flying, and even just being in the Middle East is a different climate. Proper hydration is imperative. Good hydration will help keep digestive system regular, and the immune system strong.

One way John and I tried to manage this was to take stick packs of AdvoCare Rehydrate with us. All the flavors are nice, but I kind of like Fruit Punch. It was super convenient to keep a stick pack in our backpacks and bust one out with a water bottle while touring the sights. Everyone on the bus came to know me as the "girl with the pink water".

It’s easy to forget to hydrate when your schedule is busy. Whether your a stay at home Mom, a corporates executive, busing kids around to sporting events or traveling for pleasure or business. Rehydrate may be just the right key to help you keep the pace. Because Rehydrate has electrolytes, low levels of sugar, and plenty of minerals like vitamins A and E which are powerful anti-oxidant nutrients...your health will be on point no matter how busy life gets. Many rehydration/electrolyte beverages are high in both sugar and sodium which actually increases dehydration (ensuring your more thirsty and you buy more of their product. Great marketing, less than stellar benefits for your health).

Dehydration will affect your body in these ways:



•dry mouth & skin



•food cravings

•low energy levels

Proper hydration will boost energy and stamina.

So guzzle up and put some Rehydrate in your cup!

I also packed protein bars with me to fill in the snack gaps between meals or when I wasn’t sure I wanted to eat what was served (just being honest). I took along AdvoCare’s newest protein bar and I love them!

Give them a try! AdvoCare has many bars to choose from.

And, of course, the Spark was flowing. Alert and focused!

We took stick packs of the new and almost sold out (so order now!) Strawberry 🍓 flavor. But there are many great flavors to choose from.

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