Intentional Living

November 1, 2019

The New Year will be here before you know it with many making a New Year's Resolution to get fit. Intentions are good and motivation high, for a while. Before you know it, usually by the end of week two, the cares of life distract your desire and you've given up on that goal. But if you stick it through, doing a little bit of good every day then you will gain momentum to carry you through. You will begin to see results and the good fruit of your efforts Continue reading

Treasure Hunter

October 27, 2019

You are doing a lot of good.

You may not always be aware of how your life is positively impacting others, but believe that it is... and one day, God will bless you to see the fruit. Keep loving. Keep believing and keep receiving all God has for you. He's got you! So continue on dreaming big. In fact, I challenge you to—

Dream bigger… Only the best is yet to come.

And never forget, the battle is already won and the promise is done.

Persist in what sets your soul on fire. There Continue reading

Drought Resistant

October 25, 2019

Succulent. . .

A succulent plant is a green that is drought resistant to the extreme. It has unique ability to retain moisture.

All of life is like a garden we are building...landscaping...creating. Shouldn’t it be, the garden we bring, is one big enough to include voices other than our own? A touch unique to us, yet ever encompassing the creative genius built within others as well? This is the kind of offering I intend to bring to my King—- Evergreen and Succulent Garden.

Your voice matters. God granted every “Her” a voice and Continue reading

Seek and Find

October 24, 2019

Don't be Overwhelmed and take Courage

A step forward can be great gain when we use it to give Glory to His Name.

You're steps are Chosen.

His Path for you clear.

He has seen each one before you ever took one.

Think about that.

Have confidence in that!

You can only bubble over with the Hope and Glory knowing you will have a Banner finish to this Year!

No matter what you face today--it is building in you a foundation for brighter days...if you will just keep going!

Hope has an anthem and it Continue reading

Better Together

October 23, 2019

Give it your ALL—

How can I adequately sing a song of praise to you? How can I properly change my heart to execute your Goodness, Mercy and Love? There is no one like you... Not on the earth. Not under the earth- Nor can one be found in the sea or within the heavens. You alone are ALL. Because you are ALL- you not only inspire me to give you my all, but your devotion to me has power to demonstrate that I have your all as well. I know others love you and you enjoy Continue reading

About Me


My name is Nicole and the Broken and Unspoken things have fueled my wings and given me something brave, something bold. I do believe as we persevere through the unspoken difficulties in life we can find our voice and that voice can be used to help others take flight. I’m a lover of the pen and the ink I wield I hope lavishes encouragement on the minds, hearts and souls of others. Welcome to my home! I plan to use the space to make you feel comfortable, refreshed and blessed. My encouragement intended to help you find that better version of you that has been there all along. I am a writer of prose, poems, scriptural exhortations and all things fitness and nutrition. Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. It is all connected! So come in and make yourself at home. This is a Safe Haven and Refuge for others who have been broken, too.

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