Live Your Dream

July 20, 2019

I dream (literal dreams)— that become reality, for as long as I can remember...

I dream things, sometimes more than once, or I dream the same theme in a different dream sharing the same message. I have these dreams mostly in a series so the essence is fully communicated to me. Then I wait and watch. Over the span of my life I’ve seen my dreams happen the next day and other dreams I’ve had to journal on the page so I can reflect when I see it come to be. Often Continue reading

Gentle and Kind

July 19, 2019

A Story of Hope, Gentleness & Kindness

I remembered a story from when I went to get a pedicure/manicure a few years back. As I sat in my chair at the salon I watched this elderly couple come in together. I love to observe people. People are fascinating and peculiar and puzzling all at the same time and I truly adore humanity.

So this couple...

The wife was the one getting the manicure, but her husband escorted her in and took care of every detail. He spoke with the receptionist, he Continue reading

Meet Me Under The Moon

July 18, 2019

You’ve got a light about you. Bask in it. Radiate in it— Do not conceal that which is Radiant within you. Just like the moon— your glow is powerful, but does not overwhelm. The moon’s glow doesn’t burn as the sun, but brightly reflects the fire and zeal within your soul.

“We ran as if to meet the moon.”

~Robert Frost

You don’t need to have a reason— just opportunity. Every day is your showcase to demonstrate the inspiration that dwells deep within...the inspired life you were sent to live. It has power and Continue reading

I Once Knew A Man Called Charlie. . .

July 17, 2019

I once knew a man named Charlie...

Seasons in life bring opportunities. Each opportunity is a window where God can expand our hope as he expands the foundation of our life creating something sound, something stable that we can build upon. Because we can dream all day long and become little more than a dreamer if we allow ourselves to stop there. Therefore, every encounter, every relationship, whether for a moment, a year, a decade a lifetime—has the power to shape and mold who we are destined to be.

I’ve Continue reading

Hope Fortified

July 16, 2019

Fortified Hope Helps You Cope…

Pretty much every packaged food today is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. Whole Foods are full of them naturally. The soul of the earth is rich in minerals that help crops grow and be rich in nutrition. The best fields are allowed to lay fallow every so many years-giving them a season of rest so they can produce their best.

In America this practice isn’t done anymore. Our foods aren’t so nutrient dense as they used to be. Fruit is picked too early and Continue reading

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My name is Nicole and the Broken and Unspoken things have fueled my wings and given me something brave, something bold. I do believe as we persevere through the unspoken difficulties in life we can find our voice and that voice can be used to help others take flight. I’m a lover of the pen and the ink I wield I hope lavishes encouragement on the minds, hearts and souls of others. Welcome to my home! I plan to use the space to make you feel comfortable, refreshed and blessed. My encouragement intended to help you find that better version of you that has been there all along. I am a writer of prose, poems, scriptural exhortations and all things fitness and nutrition. Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. It is all connected! So come in and make yourself at home. This is a Safe Haven and Refuge for others who have been broken, too.

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