All or Almost?

November 19, 2019

I’ve got this word on my heart and I’m not sure what to do with it. It’s a word for the mature believer. I am aware that maybe not everyone reading this even knows Jesus. But I must also trust and obey and my pen must yield. So take my words, I know they are strong, and sift them with the grace of the Cross where Jesus stained the ground red and bled and died for both you and me.

This is a challenging word, but I believe it is thick Continue reading

You’ve Gotta Fight!

November 14, 2019
You Are A Prize Fighter! Fight For Your Goals! Believe in Yourself!

You can handle this. . .

There is no one better for this than you. That’s why the opportunity was given to you. Even in a struggle, you’ve been equipped with the strength to shoulder it. You will know what to do. You will feel your discernment speak—gut instinct. You will not sink. You will swim. You will rise and your life will thrive...and so will you.

Speaking to some strong, but maybe weary hearts....

You’ve Got Real Strength. . .

We are Community and community is like Continue reading

Paid In Full

November 13, 2019
“Give us today our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11 It is time to cancel debts.

If you’ve ever worked to get out of debt you know how difficult it can be. But what may be even more difficult than becoming debt free, is remaining debt free. What is true for our finances is also true for our spirit.

There is one above to came to cancel every debt for all of eternity. He came to set us free from captivity and all that would bind us, burden us, hold us down. He came to do Continue reading

What’s Your Type?

November 12, 2019

Just breathe. Just relax. Rest. Don’t you know proper rest is essential for proper recovery and immune health? All statements you may have heard before.

Our Parasympathetic Nervous System is our bodies way of regulating involuntary activities. It is a part of the Autonomic Nervous System and it tells our body what to do without our having to think about it. It just happens automatically. It says such things as “rest-and-digest" or "feed and breed". This is because it is the system that tells us to relax and take it easy Continue reading


November 11, 2019

Prayer has Power

Try this little prayer with me. It won’t hurt a thing and you might be surprised at the peace it brings to your heart, mind and soul.

“All around I am bound. It may seem as though I have no power, but I choose to look up and I look for you, God. For you are the higher power who can lift me right out of my shackles and my doubt. With you, God, I become free. Help me see—free me. Amen.”

I declare over you right now an added Continue reading

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My name is Nicole and the Broken and Unspoken things have fueled my wings and given me something brave, something bold. I do believe as we persevere through the unspoken difficulties in life we can find our voice and that voice can be used to help others take flight. I’m a lover of the pen and the ink I wield I hope lavishes encouragement on the minds, hearts and souls of others. Welcome to my home! I plan to use the space to make you feel comfortable, refreshed and blessed. My encouragement intended to help you find that better version of you that has been there all along. I am a writer of prose, poems, scriptural exhortations and all things fitness and nutrition. Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. It is all connected! So come in and make yourself at home. This is a Safe Haven and Refuge for others who have been broken, too.

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