“Jacob I loved. Esau I hated.”

March 3, 2020
“Jacob I loved. Esau I hated.”

Can you effectively love someone you hate?

“Just as it is written: "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated." Romans 9:13

I’m not sure it’s possible in the natural, but when we bring God into the equation it becomes possible. I am not sure it’s bad to hate someone. God has wired us with emotions and our mind, heart, spirit and emotions are all connected. Some more emotional than others while some are more cerebral. In the same way some are more spiritual and some are not.

Hate Continue reading


March 2, 2020

The Lord has had me camped out in the book of Ruth. Years ago I was promised by God (and I suppose requested by him at the same time) to one day write a curriculum study of the Books of Ruth and Esther.

I truly don’t know my life’s ultimate calling and purpose other than I am a healer. I have been through horrible extremes of painful things and I’ve watched God be my Boaz through it all. I know I’ve hardly scratched the surface the deeper I sink in him. Continue reading

A Stroke Of The Lashes

February 19, 2020
Does God Disappoint?

I think it’s safe to say that we have all had a time or two where we just plain missed it. We did it our way and then later came to know whatever it was, it was a wrong choice and may have even had some rough consequences.

But have you ever done something in complete surrender and submission to God, following His lead, yielding fully and then later feeling disappointed in what came next?

Why do we think being a Believer is going to fulfill our personal goals and Continue reading

Belief Means Everything

February 11, 2020

Never let other people speak their doubts over your belief. If there is a dream in your heart it has been planted there for a reason. Sometimes we need our soul fitness to match our physical fitness.

People will tear you down, but God will always pick you up. He will grow you, but will always work with your positives.

You matter. Your voice matters. And your feelings matter. Faith overrides feelings, but faith won’t discredit or patronize them.

Your life is a collection of moments and memories. Make the most of it!

Don’t forget! Keep the Continue reading

Wash Love In

February 10, 2020
Wash your hands.

Wash your hands every day, multiple times a day. This is an effective way to keep germs and bacteria away which spread disease, lead to illness and sickness. It a simple practice, but I think we’ve all seen a person or two leave a public restroom without doing such. Kids are the worst culprits, they must continually be reminded to wash their hands. But when you wash, it is best and most effective when done with warm water. Warm or hot water kills the germs quickly Continue reading

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